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Okay, let me just start by saying that I've been rationing a deluxe sample of this stuff for the past few months and seriously- it's a game changer. Having extremely oily skin with an emphasis on huge pores, I'm always looking for the best multitasking primers to help things go on a bit more smoothly (see what I did there?). Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch is the answer to all my priming woes- it truly does smoooooth and even out my skin's texture, allowing my foundation to glide on without clinging to any odd blemishes or settling into my pores. I honestly haven't been this impressed by a priming product until this little gem came along in the form of a GWP. Needless to say, the full size is now on its way to me and you can bet there'll be a review to come. Cue product swooning.

Must-Read Blog Post:
Tammie over at lipstickwithsomesunshine recently wrote about how she balances life between her blog and being a mother of two under ten. While I'm not yet a mother myself, I have a lot of respect and admiration for those that are and for all the hats they wear on a daily basis. In her post, Tammie offers suggestions and tips to blogging and mothering simultaneously, lending a rare personal touch to the beauty blogging world that I'm sure many moms will appreciate.

Must-Watch Video:
I'm a little more than obsessed with this tutorial from Jaclyn Hill- her use of MAC's Rose Pigment is stunning. She paired it with shades of raspberry and an orangey-pink that makes the whole look reminiscent of a Summertime sunset [insert heart-eyed emoji here]. I recently wore the aforementioned eyeshadow to dinner on Valentine's Day and the effect it gives is definitely worth the extra time and mess that loose pigments require. Rosy-gold goodness just in time for the warmer months? Yesss.

Added to the Wishlist:
Benefit Cosmetics just released their take on a BB cream called the 'Big Easy' and I'm fairly certain you'll see me hauling this bad boy in the next week or so. Boasting a liquid-to-powder matte formula, medium natural coverage, and an SPF 35... consider me sold. They really had me at 'matte', because you know I just can't wait to try another base option for my overly oily skin! I admit that my excitement over new makeup products is a tad bit excessive, but I'm willing to bet you can relate if you're here reading this post. ;)

XOXO, Taylar


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes in Radiant Magenta, Dim Infusion, & Luminous Flush: Review+Swatches!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes are undoubtedly among the most talked about products in the beauty blogosphere as of late and today I'll be continuing on with that trend. I'm sharing my thoughts and opinions on the three I own: Radiant Magenta, Dim Infusion, and Luminous Flush.


Week's Most Loved #1

So this post is going up a bit late due to some unforeseen makeup room remodeling. You may or may not have heard about the unfortunate incident with my vanity drawer (to sum up: it collapsed), but it inevitably led to the purchase of a second set of Alex drawers from Ikea. Needless to say, a full on reorganization of all things beauty has commenced! Perhaps a post on the details is in my future, but until then let's get back to basics.

Last week was a bit of a boring one for me, with the exception of Valentine's Day of course, but there were definitely a few standout faves among my product hoard and I think it's only fair that I touch on each of them in today's post. Cue beauty ramble.

Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette: What to say about this that hasn't already been said? It's the perfect all-in-one rosy-toned eyeshadow palette that suits almost any occasion. I have fallen hard for this one, especially because rosy hues happen to be some of my most favorite to wear. Lately I've been wearing Factory on the lid with Nooner in the crease and Limit to blend everything out. It's the perfect look without being too much! I just love the variety of looks you can create with this palette and I know it will be a favorite of mine for a long time coming.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders: This week I've been using Dim Light as an allover setting powder and the effect has been quite beautiful. It's the perfect finishing touch to my liquid foundation as it sets everything and gives a smoother overall appearance to my skin. I love these powders as a way to enhance my skin and give it that extra something it needs on a day to day basis. I've been such a fan of these powders that I recently picked up three of the new Ambient Blushes from Hourglass...post coming soon!

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation: After purchasing this, wearing it once, and then casting it off as I sometimes tend to do (don't we all do this?!), I've recently rediscovered this lovely little gem and have been wearing it regularly ever since. Initially I thought it wasn't a good match for my oily skin, but it turns out that I just needed a good touch up powder for my t-zone. In any case, this foundation is wonderful in that it provides a full-coverage, flawless finish and it truly does last for the majority of the day on me. Concealer is almost unnecessary when I wear this one, and for that I'm more than grateful. I can totally understand the hype surrounding this product now! I wear shade 115 and find it to be a perfect match for my super fair skin. Consider this a full-time favorite of mine.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream: I got this product in a skincare set a while back and only started using it after running out of my Origins Make A Difference+ moisturizer. I'm so glad I started using this one as it really has transformed how I view my facial skincare. Simple really is better sometimes, and while this cream is formulated for face or body, it works amazingly for my overly oily face. It hydrates without being too much, and I've really noticed a difference in how balanced my skin is. When I finish this I really want to try their facial moisturizer with the SPF for daytime.

Clinique's Cheek Pop Blush Pop in Plum Pop: How adorable is this blush?! Clinique's newest blushes for Spring come in the form of daisies and pack some pretty awesome pigmentation. I own two of the four they released and definitely plan on picking up the other two soon as I'm loving these so much! Plum Pop is a gorgeous vibrant pink with a satin finish that really makes you glow. I love how compact these are and the clear packaging makes the daisy design easy to see- a nice added touch. Clinique has been impressing me left and right lately, and these blushes are no exception!

Giorgio Armani Waterproof Smooth Silk Eye Pencil is everything. It is the blackest black I've found, and it truly stays ALL DAY on my waterline. This little beauty was a recommendation from the lovely Rae at The Raeviewer and I couldn't be more pleased with this pencil's performance! It glides on with little effort and lasts until I remove it later with my MAC Cleanse-Off Oil. Highly recommend!

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal: One of my most favorite lip products lately is this tinted lip balm in Petal. I'm a big fan of the Cherry shade for a bolder look, and the Original is great for lazy days at home, but Petal is truly perfect for the everyday lip look and it's really become a handbag staple of mine. I love the soft neutral pink hue and the extremely hydrating feel of this lip product, plus the added SPF 15 is nice for that extra bit of protection. If you're looking to have a little splurge on a lip balm, this would be a great choice!

Well thanks so much for reading! I'd love to know your current faves so let me know in the comments below. :)

XOXO, Taylar


Five Pops of Pink for Valentine's Day ❤

If someone had told me back in high school that one day I'd be blogging about all things pink, I'd have called you crazy. It's incredible how much our likes and dislikes change over the years, and having once hated this overtly girly shade I can definitely say I'm now a huge fan. Consider my mind changed for the better! With that being said, Valentine's Day is just around the corner and whether you celebrate it or not, you might find this post a bit fun if you're a fan of wearable pink lips. Keep reading to find out my personal favorites for achieving an effortlessly wearable pink pout. 


Where Have I Been?! ❤
Life Updates + Resolutions

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that we can't just ignore my sudden and lengthy absence from the blogosphere (cue guilty sigh). So let's just be real here: sometimes life gets in the way of what we love, am I right? Well, between going back to school last year and moving house so many times that I now confuse geographical details of my own life events (true story) -among other things- I really sort of lost touch with the things I loved (and still love) most. This blog being among that list might explain the neglected state of things lately.

So, in an effort to throw myself back into the blogging world of beauty, I'm going to attempt to list a few of my New Year's resolutions for 2014. You might be thinking it's a tad late to be listing my hopefuls for the coming year what with it being February and all... and to that I say better late than never! Also, I've included a few of my favorite Instagram photos from recent months to help round out this chatty update post of mine. Enjoy, hopefully.

End apologetic intro. Commence blog jargon after the jump.